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Whats the Brand


趕緊來玩吧!在最棒的logo 測驗類游戲中,回一趟記憶通道中來猜logo名字。猜logo遊戲的概念非常簡單,你能根據屏幕上顯示的logo部分畫面猜出不同品牌的logo名字嗎?
遊戲特色:- 一個適合您的家人和小孩的視覺益智遊戲,包含所有你喜歡的logo- 創新的觸屏控制,炫目的圖像和豐富的音效使得你忍不住想重新玩- 無盡的樂趣: 超過1000個logo可以猜名字,並將不斷更新
大量的幫助選項:- 基於該品牌的公司/產品摘要的提示,可以用於幫助猜logo- 顯示一個logo的一個字母或者去除部分錯誤字母- 最後,如果你被完全卡住,可以使用“顯示完整logo”功能
COME ON DOWN! Take a trip back to memory lane to guess the brand in the world's #1 logo quiz game.
The concept of What's the Brand is very simple, can you guess the brands based on part of the logos shown on the screen?
Game Features:- A visual Trivia game for your family and kids with all your favorite brands- Innovative touchscreen controls, stunning graphics, and rich emoji sound effects make replay irresistible- Unlimited Fun: 1,000+ of brands to guess and more to come
Lots of Help Options:- Use hints to guess the brand based on the company/product summary of the brand- Expose a letter of the brand or remove some wrong letters- Finally, use our 'Show Logo' feature to clear the covering white tiles in case you get really stuck!